How hila works

Chatbot Technology

Research today is all-consumptive. We envision a world where the user is supported by AI work, allowing them to become Socratic and interact with their queries. And thus, hila was born.


We want hila to be a practical use case of generative AI. Meant to help financial analysts and investors with their company due diligence research, hila can help save time and energy by ingesting documents in seconds, then providing comprehensive answers.

hila is a chatbot built on Large Language Models (LLMs) pointed toward a very specific subset of data, in this case, public company data like earnings calls, SEC filings, and 10ks. hila also has a new document-reading feature where users can securely upload their own company documents for the models to pull data from.

Users can also partner with us to upload in-house data that lives on their Google Drive, SQL database, company intranet, and even offline files like PDFs. Uploaded documents are private to the user’s queries and are never used in the general hila database. We’ve put in anti-hallucination features to ensure that hila reads company articles privately and securely, and only provides answers to a user’s specific questions.

hila addresses the so-called “black box” challenge head-on by providing users with exact contextual links to explain answers. In short, hila shows its work. We are proud of hila’s low hallucination rate and monitor our models closely, in real-time to ensure the answers hila supplies are the right ones.

Transparency is important to us, and we are always striving to create aesthetically designed, user-friendly AI tools that are useful, ethical, and built and monitored responsibly.

How hila Works

We are currently offering hila to specific users to help train the models on the right queries.

Step One

Sign up for access and we’ll let you in as soon as possible. At the moment, we are favoring financial analysts who might use hila to streamline their daily research workload. Please specify your hila use and we will approve access as we see fit.

We are still in the process of training our models on the right data and the right queries. And we need your help!

Step Two

Choose what data you want hila to read:

  • Earnings calls
  • 10ks
  • Your documents

Step Three

If querying earnings calls or 10ks, choose the company ticker, the year, and the quarter you are wondering about.

If you are using your own documents, upload what you want hila to pull from.

Step Four

Ask away and get answers in seconds!

Vianai Capabilities

hila is built with Vianai technology, its parent company on a mission to implement human-centered AI strategies across the enterprise at scale. By utilizing Vianai’s proprietary optimization platform, hila’s models are small, accurate, and fast. Since hila is also built using the Vian ML Platform, hila’s models are monitored in real-time, retrained, and validated in a continuous loop.

That way, hila’s hallucination rate stays incredibly low, and the answers to queries stay confident.

Think you would use hila in your everyday life? Try it to see how it will help your company research. Join us today on our journey to simplify your workload with the power of AI.

Team Hila
September 11, 2023
5 min read