hila — “hee luh” (n)

meaning: halo, light, lamp, hope and the opening of seeds

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We get it.

Hundreds of companies. No time. Dozens of questions. hila is your new assistant. It reads thousands of earnings calls and can answer your questions about them.
With hila, you don’t need to be an expert. All you do is ask questions. And, if you are an expert, you’ll love the ability to query specific terms, concepts and questions and get detailed responses. We’ve designed hila to be a research assistant — an entity that can vastly improve your research experience. Today, research is all consumptive. We envision a future where it’s interactive and Socratic.
So try it out. Ask about revenues, management’s priorities, analyst concerns, dips in stock prices, etc. You can quickly search through dozens, if not hundreds of companies, to identify the best, and you can do it in a fraction of the time that it takes otherwise. All we ask is that you rate the responses with the thumbs up or down on the right.
Soon, we’ll have far more data than we do today — financial information, stock information, and more earnings calls. We hope you grow with us. If you’d like to see a feature or feel like something is table stakes, then tell us. Send us a note: