Your new financial research assistant.

hila can help you quickly find answers in earnings transcripts,
and we’re adding new data all the time.


AI without the hallucinations

We'll leave a strong imagination to the creatives. Our document-centric approach means that hila tells the truth, while still being able to leverage the power of large language models.
Grounded in truth: we work with reliable primary data sources like SEC filings and earnings calls.
Fallbacks: if we don't have the data in-house, we'll try to find an answer from online sources, so you're never left hanging.
Confidence scores: we'll tell you how certain we are of answers with extensive source citation, so you can always go back and check our work!
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Earnings Calls

Dig into earnings reports without listening to hour-long calls or reading pages of transcripts! We currently cover the S&P 500 and NIFTY 50.

As-Reported Financials

Query against the as-reported cash flow, balance sheet and income statements of S&P 500 companies in natural language

10-K  Text

Glean insights from supported 10-Ks. We also plan on adding 10Qs for all US companies.

Custom Documents

Upload your own PDF documents and start asking questions! We'll worry about the parsing and clean up.
Enterprise Integrations

Talk to your data

We can work with you to integrate your in-house information, whether it lives in Google Drive, a SQL database, your company intranet or offline files. We can support a range of files formats and tabular data - just get in touch to see if we can help!
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We're hearing good things!

"Comprehensive information and intuitive"
"Very precise and relevant information ... and everything (for all companies) in one place. Fantastic!"
"Better than Chat GPT!"

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We're giving away limited free access to hila as we build and grow the tool. Request access today to ask questions about S&P 500 and Nifty 50 companies!