The Power of Language is our showcase of anti-hallucination conversational AI to structured and unstructured data.
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Our document-centric approach means that hila tells the truth, while still being able to leverage the power of large language models.

In addition, we enable you with:
Unified search: Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? Use our search bar to query against the tens of thousands of documents we have in the system.
Scaled data upload: We’ve made our document upload able to process tens of thousands of pages of  PDF, URL, DOCX, XLSX and more document types.
File management: Use hila to manage the files and research that you’re looking for. Select the specific files or folders that you’d like to query against, then start asking.
Saved conversations and shared documents: Pick right back up where you left off by going back to any research you might have had previously. And share your research with a colleague.
hila brings unmatched AI chat capabilities to ask any question, on public or private data, grounded in a document-based approach with references and citations to back up the answers.

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